Can you eat platinum arowana?

Yes, arowana fish can be eaten. They are consumed in certain cultures and prepared by gutting, scaling, and cooking through methods such as grilling, baking, or frying. The meat is described as firm and white with a mild flavor.

Platinum Arowana is a rare fish that comes with beauty, uniqueness, and an expensive price tag. It is so captivating that it has become the dream fish of many exotic fish collectors worldwide. This article will cover everything you need to know about platinum Arowanas, including how they live, their environment, and what distinguishes them from other aquarium fish.

The platinum Arowana has a long, slim, and sleek body. They have very pronounced and what could be described as dragon-like scales, and for the platinum, their scales are metallic looking. These fish can flow gracefully through the water.

The Platinum, also popularly known as the Asian Arowana or Scleropages formosus, sometimes incorrectly referred to as a Dragon Fish, it sells for up to $400,000, making it far and away the most expensive fish that can be bought for an aquarium.

The popularity of Platinum Arowana first began in 2007 when a fish breeder from Singapore was willing to pay such an high-price to bring this fish to his tank. Because this fish is one of the most expensive freshwater fish in the world, the fish that is most popular to own has the platinum silver color which is a super rare color in any Arowana fishes that exist in the world.

The Platinum Arowana consumes crickets and shrimp for its diet. When kept in an aquarium, it prefers small frogs, worms, and crab meat. It should be noted that this kind of Arowana prefers to eat on the water’s surface.

Why are arowana illegal in us?

Asian Arowana’s are illegal in the United States because they are on the endangered species list. Arowana is covered under the US Endangered Species Act. The world governing bodies that control the trade of exotic fish on the endangered species list is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

The Arowana fish costs thousands of dollars. The fish is almost extinct and protected. A 1975 treaty designated the fish as rare and banned commerce. It is illegal to bring it into the United States.

The rarest is the albino variety. Where displayed, they are moved and displayed under security teams. Asian Arowana’s are illegal in the United States as they are on the endangered species list.

Is it illegal to own a arowana? It is illegal to own or import Asian arowanas in the United States. The species is endangered.

Breeding arowanas in an aquarium is virtually impossible. Most are bred on fish farms in Asia. Arowana are mouth brooders. The males carry the eggs until the fry hatch.

While the Asian Arowana faces restrictions, Silver and Black Arowanas can be legally owned in the United States. However, local and state regulations must be consulted to ensure compliance. Requirements include permits and appropriate care and housing.

The Asian Arowana is endangered. Before being listed, the fish was popular food around habitats. The fish did not garner interest before the 20th century except as a meal.

Five Arowana species are regulated in the US and cannot be imported. It is illegal to possess these species without permits. Any sale must be reported to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. There are exceptions with the proper permits.

Platinum Arowanas face problems. Fish owners struggle to provide appropriate environments for these exotic creatures.

The Silver Arowana cannot compare to the coveted Asian Arowana. The Asian beauties come in varieties and are the most coveted species.

The Asian arowana is nearly extinct. In 1975, 183 countries banned it from trade. It cannot legally be brought to the United States. The fish is believed to bring luck and prosperity. That makes it a sought after aquarium fish. The fish can be eaten but few people eat the endangered fish.

In the 70s, many Asian arowanas were exported to the US. Soon after, the numbers declined. Breeding could not keep up. So the species went on the endangered list. That is why you see arowanas with missing tails or as conjoined twins. The gene pool is limited.

Which is the most expensive arowana?

The most expensive fish is the platinum Arowana, selling for $400,000. The Arowana, also called the Asian Arowana, lives in Southeast Asia, Australia, and South America. An Asian Arowana costs at least $150,000. Arowana facilities have maximum security to prevent theft, including concrete walls, guard dogs, barbed wires, watchtowers, and cameras. An albino Arowana is double the price at $300,000. The fish must be escorted by police to competitions to prevent criminals stealing or poisoning it. Rare West Kalimantan Arowanas with unique colors cost $1,500. Albinos sell for $70,000.

The high Asian Arowana prices increase silver Arowana prices too. But silver Arowanas live in South America, not Asia. Local fish stores may overcharge by mistake or on purpose for silver Arowanas. The Asian Arowana is endangered. A 1975 treaty classified it as rare, banning international trade. It still cannot be legally imported to the United States.

The platinum color mutation makes the platinum Arowana the world’s most expensive fish. Arowanas are believed to bring good luck in Asia. The platinum color is rare, increasing the value. Platinum Arowanas grow over 4 feet long, needing a 250+ gallon tank. They are nocturnal, territorial with similar sized Arowanas if introduced young. Good luck beliefs and rarity make platinum Arowanas expensive. The Asian Arowana is the rarest, selling for up to $70,000.

Why are arowana so expensive?

Why are Arowana so expensive? If you’re looking to purchase an Arowana, you may notice is how pricey it can be. Most Asian Arowanas cost thousands of dollars. The reason for that high price tag is that Arowanas are endangered and in high demand. Their endangered nature means that the supply can’t match the demand. Another factor is that Arowanas are very difficult to breed in captivity. Arowanas are also revered in Asian culture and highly coveted. This is because Asian Cultures believe that Arowanas will bring prosperity, good luck, and good fortune.

What Is The Price Of Asian Arowana? Buying a Asian Arowana will cost you at least $150,000. Some facilities that keep them have installed maximum prison-like security apparatus to guard against its theft. These farms where the species are produced feature concrete walls, and security guard dogs. And razor-sharp barbed wires, watchtowers, and surveillance cameras. Albino Arowana will cost you double the amount of the Arowana fish. You will have to spend at least $300,000 to get one. The police escort is intended to wade off criminals who want to steal the fish or poison it.

As far as fish go, the Asian arowana is one of the most expensive aquarium species sold in the pet trade. It is a freshwater fish that has people paying in the tens of thousands of dollars for the most sought after colorations. A single dragon fish can go for tens of thousands of dollars. So, what’s so special about it? The dragon fish gets its nickname for how it resembles a dragon in flight as it swims.