What is a Chow shepherd?

The Chow Shepherd is a cross between the Chow Chow and German Shepherd dog breeds. Medium to large in size, protective, and playful, these pups inherited some of the best traits from both parents. The Chow Shepherd is also called a Sheprachow.

The Chow Shepherd has the general appearance of a Chow Chow with dense, fluffy fur and a sturdy body. The shape of the face can be either sleek or round. Coat colors can vary quite a bit – black, cream, gray, brown, fawn and red are common. As puppies they are notably fluffy and petite but grow rapidly in their first year into their robust, mature stature. Their weight ranges from 45 to 90 pounds depending on diet, exercise and genetics.

This breed will have the soft, fluffy coat of the Chow Chow and facial features of the German Shepherd. They have a well-muscled, lean body that is solid and well-proportioned. Their muzzle is longer than the Chow Chow. Their coats come in colors from black and brown to cream, red and even blue. They sport a bushy tail that may curl over their back.

What is the behavior of a Chow shepherd mix?

A German Shepherd Chow mix is a medium to large dog. These dogs are friendly and sociable when properly trained. They can make efficient guard dogs. German Shepherd Chows feel most comfortable in families who have plenty of time and energy to devote to their pets.

Breeders first crossed a Chow Chow with a German Shepherd to create a superior breed that would be an excellent herding dog and a loveable companion without health issues. The German Chow is recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry and the Dog Registry of America.

The Chow Shepherd is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Chow Chow and German Shepherd breeds. Medium to large in size, protective, and playful, these pups inherited some of the best traits from both parents.

Commonly-occurring known health issues:
Hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis complications.

The German shepherd Chow mix is a medium to large-sized dog. Its features vary depending on the dominant breed. Their faces look like a German shepherd with a long narrow muzzle, distinct black mask, and eyebrow coloring. Their ears usually stand half upright. The Chow Shepherd mix usually is much hairier than a German shepherd with its downy fur, and it takes its coat from its Chow ancestry.

Let’s look closer at the parent’s dogs to better understand this breed. The Chow Shepherd is a fluffy mix with a double coat, allowing it to thrive in colder temperatures. The fur can range from medium to long but is always dense and straight.

In this guide, we explore everything about the Chow Chow German Shepherd mix, from appearance and personality to health and training. This hybrid breed combines traits from both parents into a loyal, intelligent companion.

The Australian Shepherd Chow mix exhibits a playful, cheerful disposition and an occasionally laid-back personality. It is usually a bit brawny and fuzzy.

You will have a dog with high intelligence and major independence, making a very adventurous and even mischievous dog.

Why are Chow Chows so special?

Chow Chows are medium-sized, powerfully built dogs. They have thick, double-layered coats, and a lion-like mane around their neck and shoulders. As far as dogs go, Chow Chows are arguably the least dog-like in temperament. They are unusually independent and reserved, and not particularly cuddly. Originating from China, Chow Chows are one of the most ancient dog breeds. They were bred in China more than two thousand years ago and were used for hunting, traction, and as protectors of property. Today, Chow Chows are known around the world and are popular as pets. What in your opinion are the best things about the Chow Chow breed? Why do you think the Chow Chow is special? What are your favourite things about the Chow Chow? Are you glad you choose to buy a Chow Chow and not another breed? How would you describe the Chow Chow temperament? The Chow Chow is an ancient dog breed that is very popular in many countries. In this article you will find a full description of the breed, its history, character traits and tips on caring for the Chow Chow. Coming in a range of different colors, but always with a distinctive blue/black tongue, the Chow-Chow is a dog that always knows how to make a first impression. Chow-Chows are a working dog breed, who are at their happiest when beside their master. This sturdy little dog has a rich history, stemming from ancient China, and can be aloof with strangers and independent of their owners, despite being extremely loyal.

Are Chow Chow dogs good or bad dogs?

The Chow Chow dog breed is serious with a lion-like ruff. This breed is territorial. Chow Chows must socialize at an early age. The Chow is quiet and clean. Daily walks suit this breed. Chow Chows bond closely with one or two people. They can be territorial. Chow Chows may not suit families with children. Chow Chows are smart and will exploit weakness. The Chow Chow’s tongue is blue, purple, grayish or black due to pigmented cells. Chow Chows sometimes cuddle. It is best to supervise Chow Chows with other dogs. If you get a second dog, your Chow Chow may bond and get upset if separated. The loyalty of Chow Chows is undeniable. Once part of the family, they show devotion until their last breath. This breed needs proper nutrition. The coat is hypoallergenic. The breed recognizes only warm, family relationships. The Chow Chow shows great interest in its world. This includes small animals. The Chow Chow has a low degree of obedience intelligence. Chow Chows tolerate heat or cold. They are relatively inexpensive. The average price is around $3200 per dog.