Are Australian Mist cats rare?

The Australian Mist is a rare cat breed from Australia, developed in the 1970s by crossing Burmese, Abyssinian, and domestic shorthair cats to create a spotted coat. This breed craves companionship and is quite docile, friendly, and makes a great indoor cat. Thanks to their short hair, they require very little grooming and don’t shed much.

The Australian Mist has a round head with large, expressive green eyes. They have medium-boned, friendly faces and coats that usually have misty-looking backgrounds, hence the name. This fairly recent, rare, and gentle breed is affectionate and adapts well to all families.

Australian Mist cats are medium-sized with males significantly larger than females. On average, tomcats are 12-15 inches long and weigh 7-14 lbs while females are 8-12 inches long and weigh 4-10 lbs.

The Australian Mist is a combination of the Abyssinian, Burmese, and Domestic Shorthair breeds. It has striking fur, a laidback nature, and hardiness. Their distinguishing feature is striking green eyes that come in a variety of shades. They have a stocky build with muscular chests and short, spotted or marbled fur.

All cats shed fur. There are no hypoallergenic cats despite some claims. Australian Mists do shed fur.

The Australian Mist is still rare outside Australia. The first pair was introduced to the UK in 2007. Males weigh significantly more than females in this breed.

The Australian Mist has a moderate energy level, playfulness, and intelligence. They make great family cats with both kids and dogs. This breed was developed in Australia by Dr. Truda Straede in the 1970s and 80s. It mixes over 30 breeds but is mainly half Burmese, a quarter Abyssinian and a quarter Australian Moggy.

How much does an Australian Mist cat cost?

The Australian Mist is a short-haired breed developed in Australia in the 1970s by crossing Burmese, Abyssinian, and domestic shorthair cats to create a spotted, docile breed. These cats received desirable qualities like friendliness, vigor, and affection from their diverse parentage. Mist cats were previously called Spotted Mists. The initial crosses occurred in 1975 and yielded a feline with truncated fur and a distinct spot patterned coat.

By 1980, the breeding program produced the ideal indoor house cat. However, this limited number of Australian Mist cats are in high demand. Careful selection of breeders is crucial when acquiring a kitten, since litters are small and waiting lists long. This breed is moderately active, retaining some kitten energy even into adulthood. Daily playtime is still appreciated. With proper diet and exercise, Australian Mists generally live 16-18 years.

One health issue to monitor is obesity. Many Australian Mists are inactive and their interest in games decreases after age two. Owners should watch portion sizes. Proper nutrition and activity helps prevent illnesses, so this breed remains fairly healthy into old age. Despite the moderate activity level, Australian Mists thrive on human interaction. They do not like being left alone for long periods. For people seeking an affectionate, gentle, indoor companion cat that enjoys some activity, the Australian Mist can make an ideal pet.

What was the former name of the Australian Mist?

The Australian Mist is a breed of cat developed in Australia. Originally named Spotted Mist, the name was changed to Australian Mist in 1998 when cats with marbled coats became part of the breed.

Developed in the late 20th century by breeder Dr Truda Straede, this breed features a distinctive coat pattern with delicate spots on short, luxurious fur. Australian Mists are known for their very friendly, affectionate and playful nature, making them ideal family pets.

In the 1970s, Dr Straede began crossing Burmese, Abyssinian and domestic shorthair cats to create a calm, indoor breed with a spotted coat. It took 10 years to develop the Australian Mist. In 1998, The Registry of Australian Show Cats recognised marbled Spotted Mists and the name was changed to Australian Mist. By 2004 the breed had achieved championship status with the World Cat Federation.

The slightly rounded head has a large nose with a slight dip but no break. The eyes are large and green, the ears medium to large, wide at the base. The body is moderate in size with a firm chin and strong whisker pads. Australian Mists are extremely friendly, playful, outgoing and love being around people. Their affectionate nature makes them the perfect family pet.

Do Australian Mist cats shed?

The Australian Mist is a rare cat breed from Australia. All cat breeds shed. All domestic cats shed. People want a cat breed which does not shed fur but they look for the Holy Grail. Non-shedding flies in the face of the cat’s anatomy. Why should the Australian Mist be different? The price in the West and in Australia will be similar.

Australian Mists are native to Australia. They have short coats in various colors. They are known for loyalty and being affectionate. They are also very intelligent and can be trained. Australian Mists typically live 12-15 years.

In the 1970s, Australian breeder Dr. Truda Straede wanted to create a cat resembling the Australian tabby but with a shorter coat. She crossed the Burmese with the Abyssinian, Australian Tiffanie, and domestic shorthair. The Australian Mist was recognized in 1991.

Australian Mist cats are medium-sized with rounded heads and large, expressive eyes. Their short, resilient coats come in warm colors patterned with spots or swirls. This inspired the breed’s name. They are loving with a patient nature. They readily blend with children and pets.

The Australian Mist was bred to suit restrictions on free-roaming felines. This focused breeding encouraged people-pleasing traits over the desire to explore.

Over 30 breeds like the Burmese, Abyssinian, and Australian Shorthair are in the Australian Mist. These cats got some of the greatest qualities from their parents, including friendliness, love, and vigor. Spotted Mist cats were their previous name.

In the 1970s the cat was born in Australia. It was formerly known as the Spotted Mist due to coat colors and patterns. Breeders selectively developed the Australian Mist to produce a short-haired cat with a spotted coat.

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